The Lord Restores Pure Worship: Sacrifice, Land, Flourishing

May 30 2021
Series: Ezekiel

Speaker: Steve Benton

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Message by: Steve Benton

“The Lord Restores Pure Worship: Sacrifice, Land, Flourishing”
Ezekiel 43:10 – 48:35
I. The kingdom will focus on worshiping Jesus for His once for all sacrifice (Ezekiel 43:13 – 44:31; 45:13 – 46:24; 48:35).
II. The kingdom will have land for God’s people to do good work (Ezekiel 45:1-12; 47:13 – 48:34; also see Ezekiel 45:13-16 and Genesis 2:15).
III. The kingdom will be a place of flourishing (Ezekiel 47:1-12)
Main Idea:  God’s people will flourish in the kingdom as they do good work and worship Jesus Christ.