In the companion pamphlet Connecting At Faith Bible we shared how we at Faith Bible desire to introduce people to Jesus and serve them while they learn to follow Jesus.

We also shared how those learning to follow Jesus express their devotion to Jesus in three ways:  They connect in Christian community; they grow in their devotion to Christ; and, they include others who don’t yet know Christ.

As a church, then, we provide opportunities to help children, youth and adults connect, grow, and include others in our shared life of following Jesus.  Some opportunities serve as “connection-points” where followers of Jesus join with others to enter deeper into the life of the church.  Other opportunities help those who have already connected grow deeper in their devotion to Christ.  We call these opportunities “grow-points.”  Because the Bible is the main place followers of Jesus go to learn about God, grow-points emphasize the teaching and study of God’s Word.

Some different ways we grow at Faith Bible Church:

Sunday Worship

Adult Bible Fellowships

Youth Xtra Mile

Children’s Ministry