As you’re new at Faith Bible Church we want you to know that we’re glad you’re here! You probably have lots of questions about our church. Let’s start with the most obvious: What are we all about at Faith Bible Church?

At Faith our heart-felt desire is to make disciples and equip them to be fully-devoted followers of Christ. Simply put, this means we introduce people to Jesus and serve them while they learn to follow Jesus. Along the way we help them express their devotion to Jesus by teaching them how to help others become more devoted followers of Jesus. That’s the business of discipleship!

So, just what does this business of following Jesus together actually look like at Faith Bible Church?

In the Scriptures we learn that those who follow Jesus express their devotion to Jesus in three ways: They connect in Christian community; they grow in their devotion to Christ; and, they include others who don’t yet know Christ.

As a church, then, we plan our programs to help followers of Jesus connect, grow and include others in our shared life of discipleship.

Ways that you can connect at Faith Bible Church:

Sunday Worship

Welcome Ministry


Community Groups

Youth Crossroads & Cell Groups

Children’s Ministry